Legislative Action

Government Affairs Committee
The Morton Chamber of Commerce has an active Government Affairs Committee that meets monthly to discuss local and state legislation and to lobby on behalf of the business community. If there is an issue under debate that could impact your business, please contact our offices at

The Morton Chamber is a Member of the Central Illinois Regional Chambers Legislative Effort (CIRCLE). The group organizes a local legislative reception and a trip to Springfield to meet with legislators each year. All Chamber Members are invited to attend this important annual event.  Learn more >

Morton Legislative Alert
Sign Up to receive the Morton Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative Alert. This e-publication keeps Members updated on local and state legislative issues that could impact their business.  Use the "Join Our Mailing List" box on our website to sign up to receive this publication.

The Prosperity Project
The Illinois Prosperity Project is a nonpartisan endeavor of employers and trade associations located throughout the state and is designed to help educate our citizens about issues that impact job security, economic competitiveness, wages and benefits – and ultimately our future prosperity.  Through the Illinois Prosperity Project, employers and employees can obtain information and materials that explain, in simple language and a nonpartisan way, the importance of state and federal elections. This includes information on candidates, issues and public policies that affect job security and the economy – information every citizen should consider when they go to the polls to vote.  Prosperity Project Page

Local Elections
The Morton Chamber encourages all of our Members to consider seeking an elected office at the local, state, or federal level. This page offers a list of local elections and information on the process for running for an elected office.