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Monday, May 1, 2017

There are over 55 different endowed funds at the Morton Community Foundation (MCF).  Following is a listing of some of our more recent endowed funds, and their purposes.

You can make tax deductible donations to any of the funds either with a check or online.  One check may be split between any number of different funds. You just let us know which fund(s), and we’ll distribute your gift however you like.  Check out these funds:

PLAY HARD – A TOM SHIPLEY MEMORIAL FUND…  The purpose of this fund is to assist in providing scholarships for qualifying junior high and high school students enrolled in boys baseball or band, with a tremendous work ethic, passion for their craft, and a desire to expand their skills and talents through experiences in travel leagues, private training, and summer camps/clinics. The purpose of the Fund shall be accomplished, by way of illustration and not by limitation, by defraying the activity fees for students to participate in extra-curricular activities, camps, competitions, etc., when their parents/caregivers cannot afford the associated fees.

MORTON PARAMEDICS LOCAL 4952 CHARITABLE FUND… This fund allows the Local to organize a committee each year that will recommend to the MCF, a charitable cause in the community (Non-Profit Agency, School, Park District, Library, etc.) to which they would like to see the grant(s) be sent.

MORTON YOUTH BASEBALL ASSOCIATION FUND… This is a fund that is intended to be operated as an endowment, where the annual grants will be designated for the furtherance of the mission and activities of the MYBA.

SAMANTHA HOU – PEORIA HUMANE SOCIETY / PAWS FUND… The purpose of this fund is to provide support to the Peoria Humane Society for its PAWS program, providing annual grants to support the needs for the cats at PAWS. In particular, the funds should be used to support the cat adoption efforts at Petco, helping to offset the expenses for the cat food at the PAWS facility, and also to help support the creation of a cage free cat living area at PAWS. Once these goals have been achieved, the future funds will be used to support the cats at the shelter in various ways.

RHMA HAROLD LONGENECKER ENDOWMENT FUND… The purpose of the Fund is to help facilitate the spiritual and professional growth of its grant recipients. This will be done through grants disbursed by RHMA’s Board of Directors in response to requests for such things as further education (post high school), seminars, conferences, retreats, and sabbaticals.

BETHEL LUTHERAN SCHOOL ENDOWMENT FUND… The purpose of the Fund shall be to assist Bethel Lutheran School in fulfilling its general public charitable and educational goals.

For more information on these and other MCF endowment funds, go to www.cfmorton.org/fund-list. Or, call or stop by the Foundation office:  105 E. Jefferson Street – 309-291-0434