Tornado Relief Collection Site

We are working in tandem with the Morton Community Schools and the Washington Torndao Relief efforts on the collection of items for the victims of the tornadoes.

The school district is providing a local warehouse for these efforts, located near Grundy Elementary School at 1050 South 4th Street, on the east side of the building marked “maintenance.”

The warehouse will be open for donations at the following times:
Saturday, November 23rd from 8-10am
Monday, November 25th from 5-7pm
Tuesday, November 26th from 5-7pm

Here are the Items Needed for Saturday, November 23rd:
Plastic Totes
Laundry Baskets
New Underwear/Socks/Bras
New Pillows
Work Gloves
Safety Glasses
Snack Foods (chips, cookies, crackers, candy)
Soda Pop
Plastic Disposable Containers

We will continue to update this list daily and share it via email and also on our Facebook Page at

We want to thank the Morton District 709 Schools and Barb Getz for helping us coordinate this local collection effort.